Rory’s New Venture

You guys, my kid. She goes and does something I’ve thought about doing for a while now but have been too nervous to do. Rory has decided to start her own YouTube channel! She has already filmed a few different videos, and they are so stinkin’ cute I nearly died. We just left her with the camera and let her do her thing. We didn’t give her any advice or tell her what to say, this is allll her (she knows the YouTube lingo from the videos she watches).

She is so excited, so please enjoy her video and give her a few likes!

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New Year, Still Basic

I’m guessing I know what the majority of New Year’s resolutions entail…

Omg Becky, we are getting SO fit!

Omg Becky, we are getting SO fit!

Photo by Edson HongCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

So yeah, pretty much everyone is going on a diet or “getting healthy” at this time of year. And everyone and their mother is talking about Whole30, so just ADD ANOTHER ONE to the list because guess what, starting January 5, I’m doin’ it too! Whole30 is a 30 day elimination diet (“lifestyle change”) where you stop eating grains, dairy, added sugars, legumes, soy, alcohol, and happiness. I know, it sounds stupid and crazy. But after having read the book (It Starts With Food) twice, it makes sense as to WHY you eliminate these things. And after the 30 days are up, you can start reintroducing them back one by one, to find out which, if any, of those foods were contributing to your issues.

It’s supposed to improve all manner of ailments. And I would be skeptical of such high praise but I’ve seen the results in real people that I know, so I was sold. What’s it gonna hurt to just try it for 30 days and see how I feel? Exactly.

I’m not excessively fat, but I’ve always skirted the line between normal and overweight in that chart of arbitrary numbers they tell you to base your size on. I know the chart is dumb, but I could stand to lose a few pounds regardless. More importantly, I want to change the way food affects me psychologically. No more cravings, no more bingeing on junk for no reason, no more making the focus of every activity WHAT FOODS WILL WE SHOVE INTO OUR FACES!? I want to be at a zen place with food where I eat it when I need to and not immediately be thinking what my next meal will be. Plus, after having educated myself better on what eating badly does to kids, I am very motivated to make changes to my girls’ diets now while they are still young.

No more of this, k?

No more of this, k?

So! Here is my current list of “crap I want to fix” and we will see how they have changed after 30 days:

  • Extra baggage and inflammation around the midsection
  • Being the most anti-morning person alive
  • Low energy
  • Allergies/congestion
  • Thin, stringy hair
  • Dry skin

The idea is that I’ll post updates throughout about how it’s going. I’ve got 5 other family members doing this with me so I might get some updates from them as well. Or I’ll forget about the blog for another year, whatever.

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I want to be posting more, but the thought of writing out a bunch of paragraphs seems daunting. But if I put it in a bulleted list, it’s like I’m just jotting stuff down and TOTALLY not REAL writing, right?


  •  At 2 1/2, Raelin is pretty much fully potty trained. It took about a week. It was so painless that I’m wondering what the catch is. I still have flashbacks to trying to potty train Rory at 3 1/2 and begging her to JUST POOP ALREADY!
  • For the past few months, I’ve been attempting to get healthier as I crawl out of the depression that was making me eat my feelings and never leave the couch. I started by tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal, and in May I started P90X3. I’ve lost around 8 pounds, 2 inches in my hips, and 4 inches in my waist. I’ve gained so much muscle, especially in my legs, that I’m constantly poking at them in wonder and awe. I still have a ways to go and I get impatient and have “fat days” where I feel like it’s never going to go away. But I didn’t grow this fupa overnight and it’s not going to go away overnight. And sometimes I just need a cheeseburger. For reasons.
  • I still get sad that R.E.M. broke up.
  • I cancelled my Spotify premium subscription and signed up to get Ipsy makeup bags instead. I’m working on accepting that people change, including me, and if I want to be more girly I don’t have to be ashamed of it and it doesn’t mean I have to be labeled a certain way or change who I am just because I put some effing bronzer on. That said, they sent me deep tanning oil and I’m like DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME AT ALL?!? Also, I reeeeally miss Spotify Premium.
  • This is my living room right now. #sendhelpIMG_0010
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A Raelin Update

In my last update about Raelin, when she had just turned one, I talked about how she was nothing but trouble, and I can report that at two and a half, she remains trouble. She is SUCH a two year old, from the not listening, to the saying NO to everything, to refusing to eat almost everything, to the random tantrums for the dumbest reasons. I’ve taken to posting on Facebook with the reasons for her current fit of anger, and it makes me happy when it resonates with other parents. Like mine is not the only one who flies into a blind rage when you give her the wrong colored utensil at breakfast.

She is also much more independent than Rory ever was. She’s always been that way, and maybe it has something to do with being a second child. She will play on her own with toys, her current favorites being, of course, her little Disney princess dolls. She’ll play with them in the castle and give them little voices and conversations and it’s adorable. She also loves to dress up, and is full on obsessed with shoes. By the end of the day, every pair of shoes we own is scattered about the house because she’s put them on and then discarded them for another pair. She and Rory will sometimes play together, but there is so much screaming and fighting between the two of them. In the times when they get along, they will reenact scenes from Frozen because they have the thing damn near memorized.

Raelin is strong willed and difficult sometimes, but she’s also so sweet and curious and silly. She looks up to her big sister so much and wants to do all the things she does (and she calls her “Ror” which kills me). She has boundless energy and is always climbing on things and/or jumping off things. Still no broken bones but I’m not super confident that will remain true. She speeds along on her scooter, is getting faster and faster on her balance bike, and scales playground structures like they’re nothing. She has no fear in her swimming classes and is always the most enthusiastic one, leaping into the water with an ungraceful flourish and paddling away. She definitely keeps me on my toes, but I think that’s good for me.


Raelin – Age 2 1/2

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A Rory Update

Where to start? Rory, my first born, my BAY-BEE, she is but a few short months from turning five. Last week, we took her to kindergarten round-up and got her registered for real, actual school, which is blowing my mind. I’m alternately excited and terrified to send her off to kindergarten. I know she is smart enough and that she will be going to a great school, but thinking about putting her on a school bus with a backpack and lunch box and watching her ride away to a full day of class… just… what? Already?! I’ve got the vapors just thinking about it.

Rory loves to play with other kids. She is very difficult to keep entertained when she’s on her own. She thrives on being social and will talk to anyone who will listen to her. And she never. stops. talking. Everything is prefaced by “You know what?” or “I have to tell you something.” All day long. She’s observant and has a lot of questions and it really is endearing, but by mid-day I feel like I’ve answered all the questions in the universe and how could she possibly have anything else to say? She’s recently been asking a lot of questions about death, which has been… fun.

She is, despite the lack of an example from me, a major girly-girl. She loves dresses, bows, frilly things, and has many opinions about how her hair should be done. She loves to put on her play makeup. She is constantly twirling and making up graceful dance routines, and has been taken by the Disney princess sickness, which no Batman toy or Star Wars book has a chance of curing. I’m sure our nerdy influence will rub off on her at some point (she does love board games and playing Peggle on the xBox). And if not, well… she’s her own person, and I’m sure I could be a dance mom if I had to. But I draw the line at pageants.

Rory - Age 4 1/2

Rory – Age 4 1/2

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